Our Practice Puts Your Health And Safety First


Every time you come to our dental practice you can be confident that you’re in good hands. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness because we value your health and safety. For us, dentistry is about more than beautiful teeth—it’s about life-long well being.

At our practice, you can always expect:

  • A clean examination space, free from any possible infections from a previous patient.
  • Thoroughly sterilized instruments, packaged and protected just for you.
  • Treatment from healthy team members who follow strict personal cleanliness standards and wear appropriate personal protection equipment like gloves and masks.

More about our sterilization methods:

Our instruments go through an ultra-sonic cleaner first. The ultra-sonic uses ultrasound and a cleaning solvent to sterilize everything. The tools then go through a second process of sterilization in the autoclave, which uses high pressure water heated to 249 degrees Farenheit. These practices ensure the tools and instruments are clean and sterilized for their next use.

What is a central instrument processing area?

In our office, all instrument cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing occurs in a designated central processing area in order to more easily control quality and ensure safety. The instrument processing area is physically divided into sections for 1) receiving, cleaning, and decontamination; 2) preparation and packaging; 3) sterilization; and 4) storage. This division is designed to contain contaminated items in an area designed specifically for cleaning, thus preventing contamination of the clean areas where packaging, sterilization, and storage of sterile items occurs. 

If you have questions or concerns, just ask!

All ouf our back office staff are fully trained in proper infection control techniques and sterilization methods. If you would feel more comfortable taking a look at our lab, a trained assistant would be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have about our techniques.

At Greensboro Cosmetic and Family Dentistry we are licensed by the Georgia State Board and through continuing education classes we are aware of all the latest practices and procedures regarding sterilization and proper cleaning.


We want to be completely transparent about our infection control procedures so that you can feel totally safe and confident in the dental chair. We understand that it takes trust to put yourself in our hands and we take pride in proving ourselves worthy of that trust.

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