• Ashliah Celebrates 10 year Anniversary

     GCFD celebrated Ashliah's 10 year anniverasay with the team on October 5th!  Ashliah has given excellent care and service to her patients at GCFD.  She has been a vaulable asset to our team and we are very thankful for her dedication!!

  • Welcome Tabitha Strickland to Our Team!

    We are so excited to welcome Tabitha Strickland (Tabi) to our awesome team of hygienists. Like Misty and Ashliah, Tabi is dedicated to excellent patient care with a personal touch. With the addition of Tabi, we are able to provide more convenient appointment times for our patients. We are truly blessed to have all three of them!

  • Our Practice Puts Your Health And Safety First


    Every time you come to our dental practice you can be confident that you’re in good hands. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness because we value your health and safety. For us, dentistry is about more than beautiful teeth—it’s about life-long well being.

    At our practice, you can always expect:

    • A clean examination space, free from any possible infections from a previous patient.
    • Thoroughly sterilized instruments, packaged and protected just for you.
    • Treatment from healthy team members who follow strict personal cleanliness standards and wear appropriate personal protection equipment like gloves and masks.

    More about our sterilization methods:

    Our instruments go through an ultra-sonic cleaner first. The ultra-sonic uses ultrasound and a cleaning solvent to sterilize everything. The tools then go through a second process of sterilization in the autoclave, which uses high pressure water heated to 249 degrees Farenheit. These practices ensure the tools and instruments are clean and sterilized for their next use.

    What is a central instrument processing area?

    In our office, all instrument cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing occurs in a designated central processing area in order to more easily control quality and ensure safety. The instrument processing area is physically divided into sections for 1) receiving, cleaning, and decontamination; 2) preparation and packaging; 3) sterilization; and 4) storage. This division is designed to contain contaminated items in an area designed specifically for cleaning, thus preventing contamination of the clean areas where packaging, sterilization, and storage of sterile items occurs. 

    If you have questions or concerns, just ask!

    All ouf our back office staff are fully trained in proper infection control techniques and sterilization methods. If you would feel more comfortable taking a look at our lab, a trained assistant would be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have about our techniques.

    At Greensboro Cosmetic and Family Dentistry we are licensed by the Georgia State Board and through continuing education classes we are aware of all the latest practices and procedures regarding sterilization and proper cleaning.


    We want to be completely transparent about our infection control procedures so that you can feel totally safe and confident in the dental chair. We understand that it takes trust to put yourself in our hands and we take pride in proving ourselves worthy of that trust.

  • Are You Sleeping As Well As You'd Like?

     ARE YOU SLEEPING AS WELL AS YOU’D LIKE? If you said “no”, you’re not alone. A 2011 poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that nearly two thirds of adults say their sleep needs are not being met. Two thirds! Even more surprising is this: your sleep deprivation may have something to do with your oral health. Really.

    Sleep Bruxism

    Bruxism is defined as the involuntary or habitual grinding of teeth, typically during sleep. 70% of people demonstrate some kind of bruxing behavior, and for at least 8% of adults, it can cause major problems.

    Signs and symptoms of bruxism may include:

    • Teeth grinding or clenching, which may be loud enough to awaken your sleep partner
    • Teeth that are worn down, flattened, fractured or chipped
    • Worn tooth enamel, exposing deeper layers of your tooth
    • Increased tooth sensitivity
    • Jaw pain or tightness in your jaw muscles
    • Tired jaw muscles
    • Earache — because of severe jaw muscle contractions, not a problem with your ear
    • Headache
    • Chronic facial pain
    • Damage from chewing on the inside of your cheek
    • Indentations on your tongue

    In addition to being the third most frequent sleep disorder, bruxism can also cause major damage to your teeth and dental work. It can result in fracturing, loosening, and even tooth loss. It also puts a lot of strain on your jaw and cranial muscles, which can lead to more serious problems. 

    Teeth grinding can be prevented

    With the use of a mouth guard. The mouth guard, supplied by your dentist, can fit over the teeth to prevent teeth from grinding against each other. Stress reduction and other lifestyle modifications, including the avoidance of alcohol and caffeine, may also be helpful.

    Call us today with any questions about mouth guards and how we can help.  706-453-7860

  • White Teeth Give You One More Reason To Smile


    DO YOU WANT TO BE CONFIDENT when you smile?  If your pearly whites aren’t as white as you’d like, or if you ever hesitate to smile, teeth whitening can help.

    Whitening your teeth is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your smile.

    We can help you determine the best procedure for you

    There are a lot of ways to whiten your teeth. For best results, consult with us first about your options. Whitening works differently for everyone. We can help determine the best method for you.

    Our Zoom Whitening System is a great option that can help get your teeth up to eight shades whiter in as little as one visit. It give you a jump start to achiving the color you want.

    Get A Whiter Smile In A Safe, Customizable Way

    The Zoom system is supervised by our dental team and is safe and customizable. It makes use of desensitizers—to reduce sensitivity and protect tooth enamel.

    Why We Have Zoom Whitening In Our Office

    We have been a Zoom provider for over 10 years and have been very happy with the results over the years. We wanted to offer our patients a way to get whitening results quickly and easily.

    The Zoom Whitening Patient Experience

    Patients interested in Zoom whitening will first be examined by Dr. Hillin to see if whitening is the best option for their needs. After you consent to treatment, impressions are taken for trays that will be made so you can use them to continue whitening at home.

    Beginning tooth shades are taken . The lips are then retracted away from the gums for complete protection during the whitening process. A liquid dam is placed around the gum line and any tissue above the gum line for protection from the laser light. Whitening gel is then applied and a laser light covers the mouth for 15 minutes. The gel is removed and the procedure is repeated 2 more times on the top and then repeated on the bottom. You will be given your take home whitening trays at the end of the procedure so you can touch up as needed. The whole process takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes total to ensure you are getting the best results!

    It's always a great feeling when we see our patients smile just a little bit bigger when they are done!  Call us today and ask about whiting specials, 706-453-7860





  • Do You Brush Your Teeth Correctly?


    Almost everybody brushes their teeth, but only 1 in 10 people are doing it effectively!

    To that, we have to say a great big “YUCK!!” Imagine if only ten percent of the population showered correctly. That would be pretty gross. 

    It’s Good To Be A Softy!

    It would seem to make sense that firmer bristles would clean your teeth better, but many times they just wind up damaging your sensitive gum tissue. The American Dental Association recommends a soft-bristled brush and we agree!

    When it comes to cleaning teeth, elbow grease doesn’t do the trick. Consider this mantra: brush smarter, not harder. When regularly brushing, the plaque you’re trying to get rid of is fairly soft and can easily be brushed away with a soft brush.

    During the two minutes you’re brushing it’s good to be thorough, but there’s no need to scrub the same areas over and over again.

    Don’t Do A Rush Job!

    While most people send fifteen seconds or so per round of brushing, a full two minutes is best. And to make sure you don’t play favorites, divide your mouth into four sections (upper right, lower right, etc..) and spend thirty seconds on each.

    Some electric toothbrushes actually have timers, but you don’t need to be so fancy. Find a thirty second song or sing it to yourself for each mouth quarter. Or multitask by watching TV until the full two minutes is up.

    What’s Your Angle?

    Wile we typically picture toothbrushing to be a horizontal affair, that leaves out many important tooth surfaces, including the crucial area where the tooth meets the gum line. Aim your bristles at a forty-five degree angle and make sure they gently dip below the outer surface of your gums. This can get very tricky, and we recommend that you have one of the fantastic members of our dental hygiene team give you a full demonstration!


    After you brush, loose bacteria are floating around in your mouth having a big old party. It’s time to finish them up with a rinse of mouthwash or even water. They’re on your toothbrush too, so it’s always a good idea to run that under the faucet for a few seconds when you finish!

    Even though we are discussing toothbrushing, it just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning those tooth surfaces between your teeth – the ones that can’t be reached with a brush. Yes, that’s right – we all need to floss!! Daily flossing prevents cavities and helps to keep your gums in good shape.

    At Greensboro Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we want you to have strong healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath and a beautiful smile!! Please call us now at 70-453-7860 to schedule an appointment, ask any questions about keeping your teeth and gums nice and clean.



  • Why Fruits And Vegetables Are Important To Your Oral Health


    Feed Your Teeth And Gums What They Really Want

    Did you know that…

    • Fibrous fruits and vegetables help clean your teeth.
    • Magnesium from bananas can help restore tooth enamel.
    • The Vitamin A in butternut squash can help heal sores in your mouth.
    • Dark, leafy greens and broccoli have LOTS of calcium, which is great for our teeth.
    • Vitamin C from citrus fruits helps keep our gums healthy.
    • Replacing sugary, starchy snacks with healthy fruits and vegetables can lower your tooth decay risk.
    • Yep… What’s good for your body is usually really good for your mouth too!

    How to overcome making excuses not to eat them:

    • Get out of a fruit and vegetable rut and try new options. No one likes the same fruit or vegetables day in and day out
    • Add fruits and vegetables to foods you like. Add fruit to yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, French toast, cottage cheese, etc. Add vegetables to chili, stew, casseroles, pasta, pasta salad, omelets, pizza, and so on. You can also dip raw veggies in your favorite light salad dressing.
    • Serve a green salad with dinner. This is standard practice in many cultures. Why not do it a few times a week? Make it fun by changing the embellishments (say, from mandarin oranges and pecans to cucumber and avocado) and the types of dressing you use (from light raspberry vinaigrette to light Caesar).
    • Buy or make fruit salad often. No one can resist a beautiful fresh fruit salad. There’s something very appetizing about an assortment of fruit in different shapes, colors, and flavors, all tossed together.
    • Vegetables don't have to be boiled (or boring). Try green and fruit salads, dried fruit, raw veggies with dip, juices, or any of the other options mentioned elsewhere in this article.
    • Expand your horizons. Buy some cookbooks focusing on veggies, subscribe to a healthy cooking magazine, troll the Internet for produce recipes ... or just try some of the recipes below. Sooner or later, you'll hit on something that appeals to the whole family.


  • Misty Brown Celebrates 10 years!

    This February we celebrate the 10th year of having dental hygienist, Misty Brown, as part of the Greensboro Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team. Since starting with us in 2003, Misty has been a true asset for us by the enthusiasm she brings to her job and the dedication she shows for her patients. She is passionate about her work and always involved in the continuing education related to dental hygiene. Misty lives in Conyers, Ga with her two boys, and commutes to us for work each morning with a bright smile on her face. We are so appreciative of her loyalty over this past 10 years and we look forward to many years to come!

  • Thank you Lake Oconee Living Readers!

    On January 11th, Lake Oconee Living magazine rolled out the red carpet for their annual Best of Lake Oconee Readers Choice awards. This was the second year in a row that the awards ceremony took place at The Plaza Arts Center in Eatonton, Ga. Just like last year, nominees and guests filed in dressed for success to see who might take home the awards for 2012.

    Each year the magazine awards local businesses, personalities, events and organizations withmultiple categories that include Best Restaurant, Best Dessert, Best Farmers Market, Best Interior Designer, Best Builder, Best Musician and so on. We were honored to be notified that we were a Top three nominee for "Best Dentist" within the Health and Beauty category. Each of the top 3 nominees attended the event in hopes of "bringing home the trophy."

    We were ecstatic when our practice was called out as the 2012 Readers Choice winner for "Best Dentist." And although receiving the accolade was wonderful, we were far more excited with the fact that the residents of the community voted us into the spot of Best Dentist in Lake Oconee for this past year.

    This event was a great way to bring together and celebrate all the talented individuals that make up our wonderful community here at Lake Oconee. We enjoyed being a part of the "Oscar-style" event and being in the company of all those finely dressed nominees for this year's ceremony.


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